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Apex One Agency exists to create memorable experiences. We connect customers to our client's brand story in a way that brings them value and leads to action. Our group of experienced marketers, designers, content creators and strategists are here to unlock your businesses potential. Working together, we can rise as one. ​


Creating "wow" experiences 

We don't just deliver on what we've promised, we take it to the next level. That means creating little moments of "WOW" throughout our relationship. Overdelivering, overperforming, being an extension of your team - that's what we pride ourselves in. Oh and don't forget the occasional surprise. We love surprises and know you will too.

goodbye long-term contracts

We are a performance based agency confident in our work. We don't need to lock you into long-term contracts as a way to secure money. We know you will work with us month after month because we perform. And if we don't, you aren't stuck. 

deep understanding of

your market

We don't guess what your target audience wants. Our approach with clients is to spend time before we even begin work to understand your markets and the trends, influencers, competitors, products and stories that are taking place. This gives us the best foundation to produce amazing results for you.

Transparent communication

It's a pretty simple concept, but not often practiced by agencies. We value open and honest relationships which means you always know what we're working on, when it will be done (with updates along the way!) and what the results are. Working together with complete transparency is how we believe we can RISE AS ONE.

Our founders

Curtis Rose

Marketing is my passion and I'm a storyteller at heart with an uncanny ability to understand the consumer. I've worked at large companies, a startup, B2B, B2C and DTC so I know how to speak your businesses language. Strategy, digital and content are where I thrive. The Boston Celtics are my team and I'm a dad to two crazy fun boys. Please send memes.

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Brandon Breznick

After graduating from Cal St. Fullerton, I got my start my in a medium B2B business model and now have experience in a high revenue B2C environments. As a digital native, I know how to effectively communicate and develop and mange content marketing strategies that actively engages audiences. In my free time I enjoy gaming and watching sports.

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